10th Anniversary Special Edition

Release: July 20, 2005

Professional hockey witnessed its rebirth in Grand Rapids nearly a decade ago. While it's difficult to remember how we used to spend our interminable West Michigan winters, it's easy to recall the Griffins' many personalities and achievements that have since provided the fire for those long, cold nights. We hope you enjoy this mid-summer start to our tenth anniversary festivities!

A Time for Celebration

The Griffins' tenth anniversary season offers a chance for you to look back at all we’ve accomplished and anticipate the memories waiting to be made. Check out just a few of the exciting plans that the 2005-06 season has in store.

Three of a Kind

Like a hockey game, the Griffins’ first nine seasons can be divided into equal periods: three seasons as an independent club, three as the top farm team of the Ottawa Senators, and three as the primary affiliate of the Detroit Red Wings. Here’s a quick look at the best players, highlights and accomplishments from each distinct era.

Brushes with Greatness

Test your knowledge of Griffins “Pop Culture.”

Griffins by the Numbers

Take a look at some of the memorable and incredible numbers that have helped define the Griffins' first nine seasons.

Has it Really Been 10 Years?

A lot has changed since the Griffins first took to the ice on Oct. 5, 1996. Back then, we knew all the moves to the “Macarena,” everybody was just getting to know – much less love – Raymond, the Yankees were about to win their first World Series in 18 years, and no one had ever been voted off an island or been compelled to eat a pound of hissing cockroaches.

Common Bonds

Can you guess what each of these groups has in common?

Let's Give a BIG 10th Anniversary Welcome to...

The AHL has brought four new teams into the fold for the 2005-06 season, each of which will be a frequent visitor to Van Andel Arena. However, with the relative geographic proximity of these franchises to West Michigan, road trips to each new city are well within your reach as a fan, given four decent tires and a couple tanks of gas. We proudly present this primer on each of the Griffins’ new foes and the towns that they call home.

All Around the AHL

Summer in the American Hockey League has witnessed more than its fair share of affiliation swaps, franchise moves and revolutions of the coaching carousel. Better pull out all your fingers and toes to keep track of things, ‘cause this could get complicated.

Putting the Wraps on 2004-05

Before plunging headlong into the excitement of this tenth anniversary season, let's pause to reflect upon the accomplishments of last year.

Community Corner

It may be the thick of summer, but Griffins Hockey has no off-season. Whether it involves skates, golf clubs or bicycles, here are just some of the ways we're keeping busy until fall - and you can join in the fun!


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